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This is my feedback page. I don't usually sell anything, so this is all my feedback as a buyer. Id I have ever bought from you please leave feedback here :D
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#660, More finals!

Waah Finals are next week. I am already stressing out. I think that my hardest final is going to be my Economics one. It's accumulative and its on the last day of finals. Waah, first world problems, I know, but waah.

I hate Economics so much. The one day, I stopped paying attention and started to write haikus on everything. Here's an example
Dear Boy with I-Pad (5)
Why did you put a keyboard? (7)
Just buy a laptop (5)

No joke. There was a boy with an I-Pad, and then he put the keyboard. Good job for inventing the laptop. Real winner.

Nothing new here. I am currently working on my resume to hopefully get an internship over the summer. I went to the Career Center, and the woman was really helpful. She helped me organize my resume and now I am working on my cover letter.

Wish me luck guys! ♥

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#653 Public Post, New Look, Reverse F-Cut

Hello guys!

So I redid my whole layout and banner. It is an Ed/Winry one! I was debating to that one or make a Hetalia one. But of course, my OTP won!

So basically I am doing a REVERSE FRIENDS CUT I know I have not been as active as I was once. I want to change that, but if we you feel like we don't connect anymore, by all means cut me. I won't be offended. I understand.

Also, I did a mini sweep in my journal, basically if you and I weren't mutual friends, then you were cut. If I made a mistake, just comment and I'll add you back!

So sorry that I haven't been active on here. I still love my LJ friends more than anything! ♥